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Lice keep coming back!!?

Did nix,tea tree oil straight from bottle,vaccumed everyday,washing all linens in hot water and bleach.Did suave coconut conditioner on the kids heads to smother them and they were alive after washed conditioner nit picking everyday. Spray tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle on kids heads everyday,the eggs still hatch after a week.I even put highlights in my daughter's hair and they will still alive.I'M AT MY WITS END WITH NITS!!

Lice keep coming back!!?

You might have to get pest control to come in and fumigate if the problem is that bad. Also make sure your kids stay well away from sandboxes as nits tend to breed in them. There is an Australian product called KP-40 my Mum used on me. If you can find it online I would suggest ordering it.

Lice keep coming back!!?

if you a have boy shave their head. Lice dont like cold and they will die.

or better yet get a shampoo for lice, it will kill them. if they keep coming back then look at the source. if your kids are in daycare its a good chance they keep getting lice from one of the other kids, or even at school.

you may have to see a doctor and get the crazy almost harmful stuff.

Lice keep coming back!!?

Try flea soap for dogs. My aunt said that her sons would come home from school with lice all the time and she, like you, was at her wit's end about what to do to be rid of them permanently. Then she was told to look at the ingredients on most lice removal medicines (like nix) and a bar of flea soap. They are the same, only in different dosages. So once a week she would wash her sons' hair with the flea soap. They never had the problem again.

However, this is what she did to prevent them from returning. I would suggest you get rid of your pillows altogether. Take all of your linens and wash them. Then put the pillows in bags and throw them out. Spray down the mattresses. Use nix while the laundry is being done. Once the laundry is done and hair is dry, go to the store and buy new pillows. It sounds like the lice have made a very happy home in your pillows and need to be gotten rid of altogether.

And use flea soap once a week, along with the daily tea tree oil spray. It sounds extreme but I have shared this advice with friends who had the same problem and it worked every time.

Also, you may want to put your daughter's hair up in a braid or ponytail or any other "up" style to discourage the other children from playing with her hair. This way you won't have to worry about someone else's child re-infecting your own.

Lice keep coming back!!?

When i got lice as a kid my mom would use that nix crap . put it in let it sit then comb out all the little bugs and eggs.She had to use 2 treatments in a row once. Maybe a doctor would be able to prescribe something for you.

Sorry, I understand what ya'll are going through. I'm itching myself thinking about it..

Lice keep coming back!!?

when my kids came home with lice I did all the treatment things too but the thing that worked best was vinegar,,I poured it over their heads and then wrapped a towel around their heads and they went to sleep,,in the morning we nit picked and that was it,,,have you ever thought that they are being re-infested from somewhere else as well

Lice keep coming back!!?

Sounds like you've got super-lice. We have those once. Just keep doing what you're doing. Over and over again it should work unless they're being re-infected, like at school. We found a product could Wild Child in the shops which was good at killing them, they might not have it where you are. So basically try tea tree oil and other things that are supposed to kill them, plus put on the conditioner and comb out the lice every day or twice a day...keep combing with a fine tooth comb everywhere until you can't find any more...or buy one of those new combs that zaps them with electric shocks...good luck.

Lice keep coming back!!?

I used something I got online called Lice-Rx ( had to order it, it was around 72.00 but had enough to treat entire family (6) and if kept refrigerated will last for several years. Before I got that, I had used Nix, and 2 other stronger treatments that my Dr's office called in for us. I don't know if all the credit goes to the online stuff or not, but they went away when I received it ( only took like 2-3 days)

I also took all their pillows and stuffed animals and extra clothes and put in black plastic bags and made them as airtight as possible for 10 days--no human host--can't live.

Lice keep coming back!!?

1. go to wal-mart and buy:

Rid for lice (sold in a kit for shampoo comb and spray) in the pharmacy dept.

Bomb for lice (sold in the cleanning isle with bug sray)

2. go home and strip your beds, left the mattress up and lean it against the wall.

3. get tub ready (outside) for hair washing

4. place bomb in the house (read direction)

5. go back out side, wash the hair in prepared tub comb out etc.

After bomb is done and safe to go in. Put a plastic hair protector on and take all clothing, stuffed toys, dolls with hair, etc. and put in plastic bag for 1 week.

Lice keep coming back!!?

We had the same problem 3 years ago. I pulled everything out of drawers, closets, etc. to wash, spent hundreds of dollars and found that I was not paying enough attention to the most important thing. The ONLY way to get rid of them for good is to get every little egg out of everyone in the families hair. Is there someone who is not getting checked as well? Is there a friend or neighbor that comes to play that is constantly bringing them in? I had to go to a Friend's house and have her help me go through my hair. It is humiliating but better than taking it to school, etc. It is sooo nerve wracking to make the kids sit long enough to pick out the eggs. I got a really bright light close by and turned on a movie and gave them and me lots of short breaks to keep us all from going crazy. It also seemed easier to cut them out (one hair at a time so your poor children are not bald when you're done). Lice only live off a human head for around 48 hours and their hatching cycle is about 9 days. (I'm going off memory here on times but the Internet or local health dept. can tell you for sure) Running the sweeper and washing bed clothes each day for about 2 weeks after you've seen the last bug is helpful to make sure you get any eggs. Don't forget to run the sweeper in your car weekly. Bag up all stuffed animals and non-essential soft items and keep them in the basement/garage/shed in a plastic storage tub for at least 2 weeks after you have seen the last of the nasty bugs. Ask someone to help you if you can because it is a really big job to do when you have kids to take care of too. Also, since they only live off a head for 48 hours, we treated EVERYONE with tea tree oil, ran the sweeper and washed bed clothes then went to a motel with a pool. We stayed away from our house and the chlorine in the pool will also kill lice. Do everyone a favor and hit the pool before you sit on beds, chairs, etc. and leave your bags in the car. I realize this seems expensive and extreme, but I was literally seeing the little beasties in my dreams every night and a night at a motel is equal to 2 bottles of tea tree oil. Good Luck!!

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